Welcome to EZZYBID How it Works

This manual seeks to assist first time bidders get a feel of Ezzybid.com website and goes over the processes required to successfully purchase an insurance auction vehicle through our website.

  1.   Register as an EZZYBID user.

Users will have to create personal accounts on Ezzybid.com through which they are allowed to submit offers (bids) on any vehicle offered for sale on the website. Non-registered users are only able to browse the website but will not be eligible to submit any offers or participate in any auction on Ezzybid.com.

  1.   Browsing through our catalogue

Registered users of Ezzybid.com can browse and bid on any vehicle in the database. Users can start out by simply browsing our catalogue. Once you have found the vehicle you like, please be sure to view the pictures to see all the damage/problems with the car; details are minimal because this is the standard information provided by the auction

  1.   Bidding on a vehicle

Ezzybid.com does not require any advance payment from any user to enable that user make a valid bid on any listed vehicles. However, bidding on a car enters a user into an agreement with EZZYBID for the user to complete purchase of a vehicle with the insurance company. Full payment is expected five (5) working days after a bid is won. An invoice will be issued immediately to the user once the system confirms that bid as the highest.

An offer/bid, once accepted, constitutes a binding contract! Users are thus advised to place an offer only if they are serious about buying the vehicle. By having the highest eligible offer that is accepted, the user automatically enters into a legally binding contract to purchase the vehicle.

  1.   Realistic bidding

The Insurance Company can still reject a user’s offer, even though that user might have won an auction. All listed vehicles have a minimum “value” and the Insurance Company may not release them at a lesser value. The minimum value is never disclosed publicly.

Users must remember to thoroughly research vehicles, as they have value to the Insurance Company.

Tip: Users who intend to bid on any vehicle with light/moderate or severe damage, may before bidding, take photographs of the vehicle to a repair garage and get an estimated cost of reconstruction.

  1.   What next after winning a bid? 

When a user places a bid on a vehicle and the bid is successful, Ezzybid will send the user a confirmation email and also an invoice. Invoice will also be available to print from the website and it will bear the name of the insurance company that owns the vehicle. The user will have to proceed to one of their offices and make full payment within 5 working days. If full payment is not made within five (5)  working days the vehicle will be relisted.

Where a user wins a bid on Ezzybid.com and that user fails to make payment on three separate occasions after due notification, that user account shall be blacklisted for a period of not less than one (1) year and that user will not be able to login or place a bid on Ezzybid.com.

  1.   What next after vehicle is paid in full? 

Once full payment has been made to the insurance company, the user shall be provided with an authorization letter, which will allow the user to locate the garage where the vehicle is located. The authorization letter will also allow the garage to release the vehicle to the user. The vehicle must be towed immediately or rental charges will be incurred.

The authorization letter shall also authorize the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA)  to transfer the title f the vehicle to the user.

  1.   Can EZZYBID ship my car?

EZZYBID is not a shipper and does not transport vehicles. Users must make their own transportation arrangements when a bid is won and necessary payments made.